20220903, "May Still Waters Run Deep" Collective Writing | Peer to Peer: UK/ HK 2022
20220204Soundpocket and Contemporary Musiking
20220122Lessons from Lamma by Chris K. H. Chan
20220119, 1st meeting/ gathering after renovation
20211231, Countering for 2022
20211227, Self Institute's gang
20211222, Hera Chan's night
20211218, HKIPF: The Photobook Club
20211126, Dancing All Around Yuen Long and Exhibition curated and organized by Y Space
20211121HKIPF: Chan Hau Chun x Luke Ching: A Shifting Distance - The Relationship Between the Photographic Maker and the Photographic Subject
20211120HKIPF: The Photobook Club
20211114HKIPF: Becoming Image: New Horizons of Taiwanese Photography (with post-screening discussion)
20211105Some great people
20211103The Sign
20211030, Y Space, Bei Bei Book House, Sangwoodgoon, The Well, Y2k, 1983 and more
20211022, Someone after quarantine
20211004, Goodbye my dear friend
20210924Chatting with dearest Rooftop Institute and friends
20210826Goodbye and take very good care my (our) friend
20210822Self Institute Mentorship Programme
20210820Artist sharing by Pongyu Wai; Three friends' birthdays within two weeks; Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0's screening
20210801 Listening Biennial: "Walkshop" Led by Artist Raheleh Minoosh Zoromodinia
20210730Listening Biennial: Meeting/ Conversation with Michele Chu
20210725Nonscheduled gathering of Kam Tin gang 
20210724Listening Biennial: Care Index - Artist-led workshop on Gestures of Care with Alecia Neo
20210717, Listening Biennial: “What politics? Troubles that make artists laugh today” with Wantanee Siripattananuntakul
20210624, HART, rnh Space, Qu Chang and more
20210604, On the Edge's night and...
20210502, Michele Chu's night
20210428, Ocean's birthday
20210410Liv's night
20210406HKICC School of Creativity's retreat
20210307Proposal meeting
20210219FAA's reunion
20210204Chinese New Year
20210202Proposal meeting
20210125Filming day
20201229, Looking at 2021
20201220, M+ Rover's night
20201127, Vennes's presentation night
20201121, LIVE sharing by Shy Bairns and assorted sharings
20201119, Farewell to David Wong
20201114, Alpine Tango's gathering
20201111, Peer to Peer: UK / HK
20201031, Jaffa Lam's private sharing
20201030, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society's visit
20200714, Surplus Space visited
20200703, An interview with 1983
20200702Tai Kwun team visited
20200627Night of Scholar Vennes Cheng, Ha Bik Chuen and archival art
20200620M+ Rover Re-union
20200615Discussion for a show
20200611David Wong's LIVE Performance
20200530Sharing by artist Lo Lai Lai
20200526Filming cellist David Wong
20200521Online meeting
20200424HKADC and C&G interviewed 1983 and the owner
20200406Cellist David Wong practiced cello
20200310Sharing by Fiji poet and activist Peter D. Sipeli 
20200225Cellist David Wong practiced cello
20200129Family hotpot
20200125Chinese New Year
20200118Relatives gathered for Chinese New Year's Eve
20200115Discussion for a show
20200113Pamela Leung's sharing
20200109A chat with Kaitlin Hao
20191214, Justin Hooker, Yunuen Rhi with 1a space's team
20191203, Sharing by Yutaka Inagawa and "Small Stage"
20191121, Para Site Café do Brasil's team
20191117, Artist Ali Wong and friends
20191114, Blackboards are set on the rooftop and at the entrance
20191108, Cultural Day: a class from School of Creativity
20191105, Above the Ordinary | School of Everyday Life
集雜聲 x 一九八三
20191025, Farewell to Malissa Karmen Lee
20191023, Sandi Hilal with Asia Art Archive 's team
20191016, Clément Chéroux and Linde Lehtinen with WMA
20191015, Para Site's Workshops for Emerging Professionals
20191012, Interview
20190920, Above the Ordinary, School of Everyday Life
20190831, Happy Birthday Yang Yeung
20190828, Coo Cups
20190820, The night with friends from Para Site
集雜聲 x 一九八三
Screening and sharing by Lo Yin Shan
集雜聲 x 一九八三
20190709A night with Abby Chen
20190705, Sharing by TRES art collective
20190615, Sharing by Yang Yeung and Erik DeLuca
20190530, Bar Table 2.0
20190522, A night with Dr. Scott Lash and Dr. Tanya Toft
20190501, Art team from Chishima Foundation for Creative Osaka
20190422, Ballad on the Shore's Screening
20190417, Chinese artist Luka Yang
20190402, Sharing by Peng YiHsuan, South Ho and Kana Nishio
20190312, Launch of 1983